Demolition: What We Do

Demolition: What We Do

Demolition is often viewed by most people as a chaotic activity but in reality, it is a systematic, safe, and well-organised process of bringing down buildings or other man-made structures. Demolition also includes deconstruction activities which involve tearing down part or an entire building while preserving valuable materials that can be re-used later.

There are many reasons why people or businesses opt to tear down their properties and build again from scratch. In some cases, the building may be located in a prime area but happens to be too old or dilapidated to be renovated to its former glory. In other cases, the cost of repair or renovation of the building could far outweigh the cost of bringing it down and building a new home, which makes it comparatively cheaper to demolish.

Demolishing a small building, such as a two or three storey house is not as complicated as bringing down a multi-storey complex. The small building can be demolished manually or using specialized mechanical equipment such as bulldozers, wrecking balls, cranes, excavators, and elevated work platforms. Larger buildings require more complicated equipment and skilled manpower. Most demolition companies now use newer methods such as silenced rock-breakers and rotational hydraulic shears to bring down large, multi-storey buildings. Hydraulic shears are safe to use in places where flame cutting could be potentially dangerous.

Partial and Full Demolition

Demolition can either be partial or complete. Partial demolition is done in places where the client is interested in knocking down parts or sections of the building. There are several reasons why anyone would want partial demolition of his or her property. For instance, the client may want to retain sections of the original character of the house without having to renovate the entire place. Another reason for partial demolition has to do with changes in council rules which dictate how far you can build from the property boundary or how you can build onto an existing structure. Demolition of a part of the original structure gives you an easy way to work around the “setback” rules. A complete or full demolition, on the other hand, simply means taking down the entire structure to rebuild afresh.

Important Factors We Consider Before Demolition

Demolition may appear as a straightforward job of pulling down a building or other man-made structures but there are important factors we usually consider beforehand. The first and most important thing we consider is the application for the required demolition permits from the local authorities. The next important step is to ensure that all the existing utility services are disconnected before demolition work begins. We ensure your water, electricity, gas, and drainage systems are disconnected before demolishing the structure.

It is also important to ensure that all nearby structures are properties are fully protected to avoid damage to your neighbour’s home or business. We also ensure that safety procedures are put in place to avoid injury to the general public. We’ll then arrange for proper disposal of waste and salvage of valuable materials before the work starts. We have to know where we’ll take the waste before we start generating it.


Demolition is a complicated and potentially dangerous process. If not done right, it could result in fatalities and damage to other people’s property, which could lead to costly lawsuits. It is therefore important to ensure that the work is only carried out by an approved, licensed company such as Brice Contracting. We provide full demolition services which include cleanup, rubble and other waste removal, safe asbestos removal, and a complete clearing of the site. Let a professional company handle your demolition projects so you can save money, time, and unwanted lawsuits.

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