Demolition: Strip Outs

Demolition: Strip Outs

As a licensed demolition contractor, Brice Contracting specializes in a wide range of demolition projects- from small to big- within and around the Melbourne area.

Strip-outs in demolition work are a high-risk and highly delicate activity that needs to be handled by skilled and responsible workers that know which safety precautions to take in order to deliver high-quality work. Brice Contracting has been in business for a long time, and in that period we’ve done literally hundreds of strip outs and projects that required us to remove debris from demolition sites and commercial interior projects in the Melbourne area. Our turnaround times are quick, and we use top-of-the-line sophisticated tools and equipment to ensure the most efficient and cost-effective results possible. Ultimately, we deliver end-to-end solutions for your demolition project.

Our service is quick and highly effective, regardless of the scope of the project. We can do complete strip outs that go down to the concrete level of the structure, as well as partial strip outs for industrial, commercial and residential buildings. Some clients ask us to demolish interior rooms like office bathrooms, kitchens or commercial properties. During the process, we make sure to keep the area safe by following WHS guidelines as well as the appropriate state regulations.

Below is just a short list of just some of the demolitions services that we offer for Melbourne residents:
Residential partial demo
Concrete Cutting
Structural steel installations
Commercial strip outs
Propping of slabs
Concrete demolition
Penetrations in concrete slabs
Silent concrete demolition
Bathroom demolition
Full knockdowns of buildings
Propping of walls
Kitchen demolition
Remedial works
Remedial demolition
Windows and door openings
Structural Demolition
Waterproofing removal

In addition, at Brice Contracting, we provide end-to-end management of the entire demolition project, and this includes:
Scope of work
WHS management
Project plan schedule
Equipment procurement
Resource management
Quality management
Risk management
Waste management

Strip Outs
The whole point of a strip out is to take out all the components of the room that are not essential to the space. This readies the space for re-use, hence this service is usually requested by people who want to refurbish a particular area in their property, whether it’s commercial or residential. After we’ve finished the strip-out, other contractors will come in to put in the new systems and fixtures.
During a strip-out, the following structural features are taken out:
Floor coverings
Temporary floors and ceilings
Non-load bearing partitions
The process will also involve the removal of mechanical electrical systems like:
Air conditioning units
Air conditioning units
Cables and cable trays
Heating and ventilation
Air conditioning units
We’ll also have to disconnect the utilities in the space such as:

Our Team
One of the most important aspects of a strip-out involves hiring the right crew, and that means skilled professionals that are committed to delivering a high standard of service. Of course, environmental and overall safety is a huge part of a successful demolition as well.

Our team at Brice Contractors is committed to providing you with the best service possible while adhering to the highest industry standards. You can rest assured knowing that you’ve placed your property in the right hands.
To date, we’ve successfully completed hundreds of strip-outs and demolitions of major properties in and around Melbourne. We bring a wealth of experience and a full understanding of all the requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to deliver quality results. Through the use of a well-developed system, we’re able to achieve the best in on-site management and efficient workmanship with a super quick turnaround.

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