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Demolition contractor family owned and located south east of Melbourne. Jeff Brice contracting operated for thirty years in the demolition industry passed that many years of knowledge to Michael Brice. With priceless knowledge and enthusiasm from the next generation, Brice Contracting Pty Ltd has been created.Jeff Brice worked for Murphy’s Demolition back in the 80’s one of two biggest building wreckers in Melbourne, the other being Wheelan the wrecker.Developed a keen eye for trouble shooting, no job was too big for Jeff Brice and purchased business first Machine (Bulldozer) for $4,000.00 and paid it off the first job.Many years later Michael son of Jeff completed construction management and economics not for building but for demolition because demolition is what we know. During majoring in construction management working in demolition during time off eventually led to Michael Brice creating a company


Brice Contracting views itself in some years being one of the top players in demolition, resource recovery sector. The environment and waste because of poor practice within the demolition industry have the public see demolition contractors as cowboys, rule breakers and reckless towards safety and sustainability. Through government grants and new legislative requirements, Brice Contracting will lead by example on the company’s conquest to be most efficient and effective amongst other competitors.

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